Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jiang Chunyun

Jiang Chunyun is vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress.


Jiang was born in county, Shandong province, April 1930, and started work in 1946; he joined the Communist Party of China in February 1947. Since then, Jiang has served as secretary-general of Communist Party of China Shandong Provincial Committee, secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Jinan Municipal Committee, governor of Shandong province, secretary of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, and vice-premier of State Council.

He was a member of Secretariat of CPC Central Committee, a member of 13th through 15th CPC Central Committees, and a member of Political Bureau of 14th CPC Central Committee; and he is currently a member of Political Bureau of 15th CPC Central Committee.

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